Skipping Breakfast, Good Or Bad?

By | February 23, 2017

Health tipsNormally, people should take meals three times and those are dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Because of their business and the desire to reduce some weight, some people choose to skip breakfast time. After bathing in the morning, many people let the stomach empty as they start working regularly. A common question then spreads out related to this matter. Is it good or bad for skipping breakfast time?

Every day, the human body needs to get some energy to support their health. In the morning, they need to take breakfast as the source of energy for a day long activities. If there is no food to be digested, it can cause a serious problem in stomach. Inflammation is a common reaction when body lack of energy. Meanwhile, because there is nothing to process, the transport system in a human body will not work properly. There is a failure in blood to give nutritional values for the body parts. As the result, people can feel weak and look pain no matter would that means.

Rather than losing some weight, skipping breakfast time will make the body craving for foods. For easy statement, it can be concluded when people eat some foods in the afternoon, the body system will try to absorb all nutritional value as much as they can. Therefore, it is potentially made them fat rather than gaining ideal bodies. For more terms, skipping breakfast will bother the hormone system. Eating less food might also trigger hair loss; for women, it also affects menstruation period cycle and so on.

So, if people have no time to prepare the complex menu in the morning and feel guilty that they will get more weight, it is better to change the breakfast menu into simple choices. Taking cereal, a glass of milk, sliced fruit and bread can be an option to do. The most important point is not to let the body hungered.

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