Potatoes Recipes You Can Try

By | March 7, 2017

Recipes As it is known that potatoes are one of the best choices of vegetables to be cooked. The recipes of potatoes are various and you can see that it can be cooked in so many ways. The nutrients inside potatoes can be another reason why people choose potatoes as their menus. High and good nutrients of potatoes actually can help the body healthier. It is starting from babies to the old people are able to consume this vegetable. Then, to cook it, there are some ways in cooking potatoes as follow.

Some Ways In Cooking Potatoes Recipes

In this case, there are some common ways in cooking potatoes recipes. What are they? To begin with, there are baked potatoes. You may have often heard about baked potatoes, haven’t you? Here the thing you must to do is you just cook it in the microwave or maybe oven until the potato has been moist. How long you need to bake the potato depends on you. Another way in cooking potatoes is being mashed. Mashed potatoes are relatively healthy since you just need to steam it and then mash it with a fork. Here you can mix with cream and another seasoning.

After that, there are scalloped potatoes as well if you want another way of cooking potatoes. In this case, what to do us you should take thin-sliced potatoes and smother them with cream sauce. This idea actually will make the potatoes can be healthier. In a next way is called as oven-fried potatoes. You may be able to easily be found oven-fried potatoes in restaurants. Indeed you can cook it by yourself at home because it is easy to be done. In this case, you just need to fry it in an oven. Another way in cooking potatoes recipes is being roasted. Hence which one is your favorite?

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