What Krogerfeedback Survey Ask You

By | February 3, 2017

kroger feedbackAre you going to take Krogerfeedback survey but wondering about what kind of questions it will ask you? You should not even worry about it since all the questions you need to answer are based on your experience. Since it is customer satisfaction survey, you just need to answer anything you learn from this large grocery store. However, if you are still curious about what the survey asks you, here are some of the questions that you may face in this survey.

Questions List Of Krogerfeedback Survey

The first question that you can find in this survey is about the department that you visit. In the initial survey, you are going to ask about the counter of Kroger in where you buy something. Its system will provide you some choices and you can simply choose one of them. For example, you can select bakery, health, beauty counter, dairy, and pharmacy. In Krogerfeedback survey, the second question you can find is about your rate of satisfaction. Here, you can rate the satisfaction of shopping at Kroger based on its easiness, friendliness, price and so on. It is certainly up to you to rate it. If you think that the easiness to discover the product you need is high, just rate it high.

Another question that you will find in the survey is about rate of quality. In addition to the rate of satisfaction of its service, you need to get it an idea about the rate you give to it about its quality. In this case, you may rate the freshness of the products you find at Kroger, the rate of cleanliness of the store and other points that showcase its quality. The finally, you are going to ask about your likelihood to shop at Kroger. Give your comment about it in this Krogerfeedback survey.

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