Important Nutrients For Women

By | February 21, 2017

Health tipsAs a woman, you surely need many things more than men. Women will always have a period once months; then, you need to get special drink or food every month because of your period. You are special with your body; you are who bring the children as well. That is why women need more nutrients for her body than men. So, what are the nutrients that women need the most? Well, you can see the information in the following.

The first nutrient is vitamin B6. You will get this nutrient from banana too. This vitamin can help regulates mood, your appetite, and sleep. Then, the second nutrient is vitamin B12. This vitamin can fight fatigue and also can improve alertness. You also will need folate. Folate can help you in your pregnancy. It will prevent brain and also spinal defects in the first weeks of your pregnancy. Folate also can lower the risk of colon and breast cancer. Next is vitamin D3 that can help strengthens your bones, teeth, muscles. Besides, it can against autoimmune diseases, breast and ovarium cancer. Then, you will need calcium to reduce PMS symptoms and also to maintain blood pressure. The last is iron. You will need iron to get proper brain function, boost your energy levels and prevents anemia.

Well, those are all the nutrients women need the most. If you are a woman, you should note those nutrients on your list. Then, you can fulfill all your nutrients needs best. You will not need to worry about your nutrients needs anymore. You can get those nutrients from foods and drink. You can find out what are the foods or drinks that contain those nutrients. Ok, those are all the tips and information for you. I wish you like the tips and the tips can be helpful.

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