Celebrity Plastic Surgery In Korea

By | February 23, 2017

celebrity plastic surgeryCelebrity Plastic Surgery is such a common actions that had been done by some public figures in South Korea. All of that surgery is done because she or he wants to have more fans and more loved by many people. But sometimes Korea citizen are not satisfied with their idol that’s done the surgery. Well, Korean citizen is always doing crisis their idol or actress even when that’s her favorite idol or actress. If their favorite actress doing something bad or wrong they will automatically turn around and doing a bullying for that’s idol or actress.

The Usual Celebrity Plastic Surgery In Korea

Celebrity Plastic Surgery is thought as the fastest way to become much prettier that before. In other to get a cast from the big agencies like SM entertainment, ya entertainment, and even JYP entertainment you need to have a beautiful face to attract someone from the agencies. The talent and skill that you have are little not too important if you had pretty faced with a good line body. The skills can be learned and practiced every day but beauty can’t come just the way you are. If you don’t have a pretty face and not having the good body either even if you had a great voice you won’t be cast in those 3 big agency companies.

For being cast or at least had the ticket for an audition you have to had good visual in other to being the celebrity or an idol star. That’s why many idol and actresses or even actors are doing celebrity plastic surgery in South Korea. Because it’s much like their responsibility for their work. Because the high tense from the contestant are also being the reason they had surgery. After doing the surgery at least they had more courage to apply in agencies audition.

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