Birthday Cake Decoration For 17th

By | March 1, 2017

Birthday CakeMost of the people said that 17th is the most crucial moments that you are been through. That is why many people are celebrating their 17th birthday as their sweet seventeen birthday’s party. The party of this ages is like the improvement that person who has been reach their seventeen ages will be transformed into the mature people. So it’s like the gate for them to pass in the next one year to pass it and being a mature adult, not the children and even teenagers. After you are surpassing this ages you will know the truth of the world. Because many of people thought that you are going to go through the bad life for the next one year. That is why it is called as the gate of the adults because you will get to survive until you reach you 18th. The birthday cake decoration for 17th is regarding the person who is celebrated their day.

Birthday Cake Decoration For Sweet Seventeenth

Birthday Cake Decoration for the 17th party usually are normal and not having many garnishes in the top of the cake. But some of the people will order a tower of cake. This towering cake is as the symbolize for the birthday’s person that they will go through to the next stage of their life. That is why most of the parents are ordering a tower cake to make the good philosophy from its cake shape. But there is an exception for boys, most of the boys who reach to 17th will had their private party with their closest friend only. Most of them will choose to go travel or abroad to enjoy the birthday by doing travel in the holiday. So the sweet 17th party are mostly held by girls. The venue will be in the hotel ballroom or the restaurant in the private room.

The difference between the girls and boys are mostly by their own characteristic, boys will always be the ignorant and the girls who will always be insecure and detailed. That different characteristic also being the main reason about their birthday cake decoration.

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