All About Insomnia

By | March 4, 2017

Health lifeIn this recent day, insomnia becomes the common problem faced by people. The need of many workplaces for high mobility of their employees makes people somehow think about work and work. As the result, they have insomnia. It is not a condition actually since insomnia is a kind of disorder in which someone cannot sleep well or maybe they wake up sometimes in the night.

Moreover, there are two types of insomnia depending on the causes of it. For the first one is primary insomnia. In this case, people have a sleep problem that does not relate to the health condition directly. For instance is that they who always worry about something before sleeping so at the end they cannot sleep at all. Meanwhile, for the second type is called as secondary insomnia. For this type, people who have insomnia are caused by their health condition or maybe they are a term of medication. It can occur since some medicines somehow will cause insomnia.

For those who face this sleep problem, the symptoms maybe can be various depending on the type of this disorder. Several common symptoms which people usually get are below.

  1. Cannot sleep at all

Here the sufferers cannot sleep at all in the night. They maybe do not sleepy like the normal people feel.

  1. Waking up several times

For another symptom is the sufferers can sleep, but they will wake up sometimes. Indeed this condition causes people cannot have a good sleep quality.

  1. Can sleep just for some hours or maybe minutes

In the third symptoms is that the sufferers can sleep at night. However, it is just for some hours or maybe minutes. After that, they cannot sleep again.

Indeed having this disorder can cause so many problems not only for the health but also for your daily activities.

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