Access Publix Passport Associate Resources

By | February 3, 2017

publix passportPublix Passport is inevitably built to make things easier for Publix associates. It is not only beneficial for the employees, but the manager can also get its benefit. When it can catch up with things like work schedule and even propose a time off, this online portal is certainly something useful for Publix staffs. At this point, staffs do not need to meet their HR manager since Publix associate site will provide full resources for the employee. Then, how to access associated resources on this platform?

Ways To Access Publix Passport Associate Resources

Generally, we can say that there is nothing difficult on accessing resources at Publix. In this case, you are not even required to login with your Publix account when you want to see its associate resource page. First, you just need to visit Publix official website’s home page and then select resources. Even login is not necessary in this step if you want to explore more, you need to log in with Publix Passport account. If you do not want to login, you can still explore various resources like career development, financial resource and much more. Simply select the menu to learn more about the program.

On the other hand, if you need to explore something more private, you need to login with your Publix user ID and password. Click on the link entitled Passport to login to your account. At this point, you can take the login process as usual and then explore anything you want to know about Publix here. In this case, you can view your income, your weekly schedule and so on. If you want to request time off or to inform self-development, you can also make us of this online platform. Overall, Publix Passport is the best source to explore info and work resources.

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